Scroll through to see all our Fairies, Unicorns, Trolls, Barbie, Christmas Elves & Santa, Easter Bunnies and Dancing Ballerinas available here with Tutus & Tiaras Princess Parties


Tinker Fairy

Flying in from Neverland, this classic fairy will bring sparkle to your party with a touch of magic Pixie dust



From Centopia where flying elves exist


Descendants - Mal or Evie

There are may ways to be Wicked and these two know the tricks of the trade, so why not learn from the best

Sparkle the Unicorn Fairy

A mystical creature sure to wow at your Unicorn party

Mary Poppins edit .jpg

Mary Poppins

She is practically perfect in everyone, now spit spot. Book your party with Mary


I'm a Barbie girl, life's fantastic! Party with Barbie

Unity the Unicorn Princess

The perfect mix of royalty and unicorn. 



Sparkle is never far from where she travels. Invite Poppy for a fun filled Troll party


Trixie the Ballerina

Get your dance shoes on and host the perfect Ballet party with Trixie

The Easter Bunny/White Rabbit

Be it an Easter party or Mad hatters tea party, we've the characters for you

*Alice also available*

Ellie the Christmas Elf

It's Christmas!!

Time for a Christmas party with Ellie the Elf, with her vivacious personality she will bring the joy to the season

Father Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! 

He's making a list & checking it twice