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 Tutus&Tiaras Party Packages

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30 minutes

  • Gift upon arrival

  • Meet & Greet

  • Birthday cake presentation
    (cake provided by yourselves)

  • Coronation with certificate

  • Live song

  • Photo opportunities 

  • Magic wish

£80 for one performer 
£130 for two performers

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1 hour

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2 hours

All in 30 minutes plus 

+ Princess & Superhero lessons
(certificate for all guests)​

+ Framed certificate for BG

+ Diamanté tiara for BG

+ Themed party games 

+ Bubbles

+ Parachute games

£130 for one performer 
£200 for two performers

All in 1 hour plus 

More themed party games 

Party dances 

+ Glitter station 


+ Royal Parade 

*20 minute food break*

£200 for one performer 
£300 for two performers


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Snow Machine + 1 litre of liquid


For the duration of the party we're hired ONLY as the performer will bring and take it away with them


Princess makeover 


20 minutes

As well as party packages ONLY

Finger nails painted 

Glitter tattoo

Princess perfume

Simple hair styling

Plus a Birthday sash


1:1 time with your Princess, perfect for those a little shyer or just to enjoy some quality time before your guests arrive