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Any bookings over 15 miles from Rg7 3 will be charged an additional fee

to cover travel costs AND parties with 20+ guests attending MUST have two performers.

Fill out the below form then sit back and relax whilst your child's Fairy Tale evolves

Please note that your party is not secure until a 50% deposit has been paid


Data Protection Notification
The information you have given us via this contact form will be used for the purposes of communicating with you to fulfil your party request with Tutus&Tiaras. Your email may also be used to notify you of any events that we have throughout the year. Under no circumstances do we sell or share any of your information to third parties. We will only store your data if your enquiry proceeds to a confirmation of booking and then will only be stored for two years, after which it will be deleted. By submitting this enquiry you agree to the above.


Princess Wishes. Message Sent.

The Small Print – please do not make a booking if you do not agree to these conditions

Cancellation  – Your deposit is non refundable however we do understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan and so we are happy to provide an alternative date subject to Princess  availability within 6 months of original party booking. In the event that  Tutus&Tiaras is unable to attend your party we will endeavour to find a replacement for you or give a full refund of all monies paid including deposit but there will be no compensation payable.

Safety - The responsibility for all party guests remains with the client hosting the party and we ask that at least 2 parents stay during the party.  Tutus&Tiaras will not be held liable for any damage or injury caused due to the self neglect of the participants by not following the safety instructions of the Princess in any activity during the party.

Allergies - Tutus & Tiaras will not be held responsible in the event of any allergic reaction to food, make up, face paints, glitter etc used for the purposes of the event. It is the responsibility of the Client to notify Tutus&Tiaras of any allergies so this can be avoided where possible. All materials used can be seen prior to the event on request. We endeavour to use the best quality, child friendly make up, glitter and face paints. Please note when supplying glitter tattoos the skin may be prepped with an isopropyl alcohol wipe.  If the participant has skin allergies or infections Tutus&Tiaras reserves the right to refuse a child for face painting for hygiene and safety reasons.

Behaviour Problems - Tutus&Tiaras reserves the right to stop any event early if a participant’s behaviour becomes unruly, violent or offensive or if they feel that any behaviour puts other people’s safety at risk. In this event no refund is payable. It is the responsibility of the client or parent to discipline any child causing disruption. The Princess will not be able to provide the experience you are paying for with any disruptive behaviour present.

Data Protection - Tutus&Tiaras will not pass any of your information to a third party without prior permission. Any information given to us will be stored for our use only. Tutus&Tiaras complies with the UK Data Protection Legislation.

Price changes – Your confirmation email secures your price but Tutus&Tiaras reserves the right to change prices either up or down on their website at any time with no impact either way on your confirmed price.

Characters – Due to availability we cannot guarantee your party will be hosted by any specific person you have seen in a photo but we can guarantee a quality look alike and performer.

Photo Policy – Please note any photos taken at the party may be used on our website for showing the Princess experience  if you do not wish this to happen please let us know in advance.

Disclaimer – Tutus&Tiaras and its services is in no way affiliated to Disney or any other copyrighted company. Any infringement to copy right is unintended.